We have to abandon our current offers

Since opening for business in January 2023, Lyd Hosting has grown from strength to strength to become an increasingly important part of the DayZ server hosting community.

We are faced with dilemmas that are leading us to redefine how the business will develop in 2024 by choosing to break with the idea of infinite growth.


Our main difficulty lies in the long-term economic unsustainability of our project. The associated costs are high and compromise the achievement of our profitability objective (to make a living from the business).

Although various initiatives could have been envisaged to increase the viability of the project, such as diversification through an offer for the game Minecraft, unfortunately the latter no longer has the same appeal as it once did.

The reduction in the number of community servers and my lack of skills in building Minecraft servers make it difficult to create a relevant offering for the game.

Lyd Hosting's strength lies in its ability to meet the specific needs expressed by members of the DayZ community. This specific expertise cannot be extended to other games with different specificities.

DayZ's offerings are failing to reach a satisfactory break-even point, and the situation has deteriorated further following a series of massive DDoS attacks that are jeopardising our business model.

Our provider, unable to offer us adequate DDoS protection, has forced us to invest. However, the cost of the protection (per machine) is considerable, disproportionate to what we get from our offerings.

The situation is untenable in the long term and a change of direction is needed to keep Lyd Hosting in business.

What does this mean?

Our new objective is no longer to grow at all costs, but to offer a quality service to a larger number of users. Lyd Hosting's current offers will be discontinued in favour of a Unique offer at 64 euros per month.

This means that all customers who were due to renew their servers from 17 November will not need to do so. For all our customers, our services will be free of charge until 30 December 2023.

The one-off offer will initially be limited to a maximum of 12 customers. This threshold will be raised to a maximum of 24 customers in the coming months. Lyd Hosting will not expand beyond this.

Is the unique offer already available?

No, its arrival is scheduled for 26 December 2023 at 18:00 PM (UTC+1). You can already reserve a place to transfer your server to this new Lyd Hosting offer.

What will it bring?

This package allows you to benefit from a server with a number of 'free' slots that you can define as you wish. What's more, the one-off package comes with additional protection against denial-of-service attacks.

A more resilient infrastructure, a service with fewer customers, but with greater profitability that will enable me to make a modest additional income from this activity.

What should I do if I can't afford the new offer?

You will have to choose a new host before 30 December 2023. One time this date crossed, the whole servers will be tablets and Lyd Hosting n'existera through its unique offer.

If the number of pre-orders for the one-off offer is not satisfactory, what will happen?

In view of our targets, we should be able to achieve a sufficient number of pre-orders to launch our offer. If not, we may choose to refund all customers and cease trading.

Will I find the same features with other hosts?

Unfortunately not. The TCAdmin configuration for DayZ is specific to Lyd Hosting and many features will be lost when transferring to another host such as GTX Gaming.

Now that Lyd Hosting's aim is no longer to grow at any price, we've stopped being competitors. This means that we are open to all offers to buy out our configuration.

In the coming months, in the absence of a buyout to obtain exclusivity, we will be offering our DayZ configuration for purchase by companies using TCAdmin via our website.

For the time being, we need to improve our scripts and perfect them. There's still a lot of work to be done before we reach a satisfactory stage where our work can be sold.