The results of our first month of activity

Lyd Hosting celebrates its first month of activity and pushes a new update of the showcase site. In this article, we take stock of the situation and talk about what remains to be done.

The results of our first month of activity
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It's been a month since Lyd Hosting's services were launched, it's time for us to take stock of them and communicate on the path we will take in the coming months.

A redesign of our website has been published

One of our company's strategies to generate sales is to advertise on Google to be featured in the results. However, this strategy did not work as expected during the first month.

An analysis of the situation concluded on the need to redesign each page dedicated to the different game servers that we offer. A first iteration of this redesign was released on February 8.

The main objective of this redesign is to highlight the pricing when a potential customer loads the page. On the previous version, it was necessary to scroll before knowing in detail our price list.

We have also done work on highlighting promotions. They are better indicated and the prices displayed are updated accordingly. Which was not the case until now.

From now on, all pages include the applied pricing. Which was not the case until now with - for example - the page dedicated to 7 Days To Die (7DTD) which lacked information to put forward.

These changes are only the first of a long series. In the long term, the objective is to build more or less unique pages by highlighting each of the specificities of our services compared to the competition.

Our game server offers

All of our customers acquired DayZ servers during this first month of activity. This has an impact on the profitability of the host machine, although it is still very satisfactory, things could be better.

We hope that the redesign of our showcase site and the upcoming relaunch of our advertising campaign on Google will make it possible to acquire new customers for other games such as CS:GO or Project Zomboid.

The launch of Lyd Hosting hasn't been smooth sailing. On the DayZ offer, we had to correct many problems with our scripts, specific to our service, which manage restarts and send in-game alert messages to players present on hosted servers.

Fortunately, all of these problems, inherent to the fact that we had just started, have been resolved. I thank the indulgence of the first customers of Lyd Hosting who were aware of the difficulty of a launch.

At this point we have cut the sale of DayZ, Arma Reforger, Squad and Arma 3 servers so as not to overload our first host machine. The goal is to guarantee sufficient performance for everyone.

The other games are still available because they have the advantage of being low on server resources, which will allow us to host a few without harming our current customers.

Our WHMCS Addons

The following addons: Credit Invoice and Backup Invoices will have to undergo major updates in the coming weeks. Credit Invoice is not usable as it is and suffers from many defects, we have to rework everything.

As for Backup Invoices, it also needs to be reviewed. We would like to allow users of this addon to choose the language of the stored invoice and would also like to change the way backups take place.

Our goal is to release updates with objectives completed between February 17 and February 26. This will reduce the workload we will have to perform on these addons in the coming months.

Until the situation improves, we have decided to suspend the sale of these addons until further notice. It is not tolerable, nor satisfactory for us, to sell these addons as is.


Computer science is a succession of problems to be solved. This is a lesson we learned by choosing to start this project at the end of 2021 and we still see it today.

We had to face many difficulties throughout the development process of the service, the launch was no exception. However, we managed to overcome each of the difficulties encountered and none could resist our tenacity.

What will the service look like in a year? I (Rémi Gaffet) have to admit that I can't wait to find out. It's all up to me, I'll keep fighting for your satisfaction.

Thank you for the trust given.

Best regards,

Rémi Gaffet
CEO of Lyd Hosting